Fredette Racing Products
Ford Longshaft Winch and Tank Bearing Turnaround 

Winch - Front View

Winch - Front View

Winch - Side View

Winch - Side View. Notice the coaster brake setup with chain activation. Hook the chain over the sprocket and the brake is activated, leave it off for no brake. This is not a friction brake, it has positive stopping action.

Winch overview

Another shot of the winch showing the safety switch and where the peddle plugs in. Rugged and simple.

Turnaround package

Turnaround package with two spools of braided, a chute, and the spikes. Everything comes with the winch except a battery.

Turnaround closeup

Turnaround closeup. Heavy duty top end on the angle iron with a cable that comes off the back end for extra security. The pulley block has some freedom of movement on the spring loaded shaft.

Tank Bearing closeup

Tank Bearing closeup.

Contact Wayne Fredette at if you would like more information on one of these cool winches. Wayne also makes some very nice gear for F3J launching too!

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