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Permanent link to article for Thu., July 02, 2009.Thursday - July 02, 2009

VIR with Napleton Masters and Chin Motorsports

A trip to VIR with the Chicago boyz from Napleton Masters with a track event hosted by Chin Motorsports.

VIR - Jack with his drivers   

The second revision of the Interseries Cayman being tested successfully at VIR, driven by Steve Hammond and Jack Baldwin.



The Chicago boyz taking time to take a picture of their hotrods under the bridge at VIR, see the first picture in this post.


Napleton Express at VIR from Jim Bacus on Vimeo.



Permanent link to article for Mon., May 25, 2009.Monday - May 25, 2009

Road America with LAPS

Here's several pictures from driving with my LAPS buddies at Road America. 




Permanent link to article for Fri., May 15, 2009.Friday - May 15, 2009

Watkins Glen

I had the opportunity to drive at Watkins Glen for two days with Napleton Porsche Masters and Chin Motorsports.  What a beautiful area of the country, I have never been to upstate New York before. 


I have never driven a track with a flow like this, a lot of elevation changes and late apexes, and the "blue bushes" closely bordering the track all the way around.  Tends to keep you very focused.

Napleton Express

GT3 Train

In my GT3

Watkins Glen with Napleton Westmont Porsche from Neil Gehani on Vimeo.


Permanent link to article for Thu., May 07, 2009.Thursday - May 07, 2009

A Lap of the 'Bahn with Buey

Started off the LAPS, Inc. season in style this year with several track sessions with my old friend Ron, otherwise known as "Buey".  For years we always would seem to find each other on the track during a session and have some fun...  it is now to the point we just meet in the pits and go out together on the track.  We are driving the full circuit Autobahn CC course, he'll be using the horsepower of his Corvette to his advantage, I'll be using the outstanding brakes in my Porsche...  so much fun.

A Lap of the Bahn with Buey from Jim Bacus on Vimeo.


Permanent link to article for Sun., May 03, 2009.Sunday - May 03, 2009

Viper vs Porsche GT3 RS Cup on Nurburgring Nordschleife


Permanent link to article for Sat., May 02, 2009.Saturday - May 02, 2009

Napleton Porsche Masters at Sebring



Permanent link to article for Fri., May 01, 2009.Friday - May 01, 2009

A beautiful panoramic view of a Cobra at Sebring

Good instincts from Jack in the right seat as well.

Panoramic view of a Cobra at Sebring from Jim Bacus on Vimeo.


Permanent link to article for Thu., April 30, 2009.Thursday - April 30, 2009

A Lap of Sebring

The last race track of my winter tour, Sebring.  So much history here, what a fantastic course to drive.

A Lap of Sebring from Jim Bacus on Vimeo.


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